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Mission Statement

Richmond Pharmacology will carry out clinical studies to the highest ethical and medical standards. We will use latest information technology systems to ensure fast and accurate capture and processing of data. Our volunteer recruitment team will lead the industry by applying professional strategies and techniques to recruit study participants and deliver a predictable cost outcome ratio.


Our staff will be the best in their area. They will be attentive and thorough in their attitude to the research participants ensuring the highest safety standards. They will deliver a professional and courteous service and establish long-term working relationships with our clients.


Expertise combined with attention to detail and efficiency will result in accurate and meaningful research data produced in the shortest time possible. As a research organisation run by healthcare professionals we thrive to make a meaningful contribution towards medicine, interacting with healthy research volunteers, patients, patient groups, clinical and academic specialists in their respective fields, to ensure our research meets the highest regulatory, scientific and ethical requirements.


Richmond Pharmacology's people have extensive knowledge and expertise.




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