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28/04/17    Richmond Pharmacology’s New London Bridge unit offers unrivalled access to patient recruitment

31/03/17    New CRO unit facility welcomes first overnight patients

20/03/17    Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ASCPT), Washington DC, 15 - 18 March 2017

03/03/17    Richmond Pharmacology Opens New London Bridge Site

11/11/16    Richmond Pharmacology Event in Tokyo- Accelerated Early Phase Drug Development in the UK and Europe

21/09/16    Inotrem successfully completes its first phase I clinical trial with Motremâ„¢, a TREM-1 pathway modulator for the treatment of septic shock

21/09/16    Futura Medical plc announce headline results from its efficacy study of the Company's novel gel for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

08/02/16    Efficient recruitment in one place

30/11/15    36th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (JSCPT)

01/09/15    2015 ACCP Annual Meeting - San Francisco, CA, 27-29 September

11/08/15    High Court rules that Health Research Authority acted unlawfully over trial transparency

15/07/15    6th AGAH Dermatological Product Development Workshop Highlights

20/05/15    Richmond Pharmacology hosts special guest Richard Branson at BioTrinity 2015:

23/04/15    EUFEMED Joint Conference of European Human Pharmacological Societies 2015

27/03/15    Alnylam Initiates ENDEAVOUR Phase 3 Clinical Trial with Revusiran Richmond Pharmacology enrols first patient worldwide

12/01/15    Cardiac Safety Assessments in Early Phase SAD/MAD Studies: An Intelligent Approach by Richmond Pharmacology

18/12/14    Richmond Pharmacology Ltd: December 2014 Financial Update

06/11/14    EUCROF releases position paper on transparency in early phase clinical research

29/09/14    Combining high standards of care with an efficient research environment: Richmond Pharmacology extends capacity for early phase studies in patients

05/08/14    Ethical Issues in Phase One Research: An Advanced Training Course

15/07/14    Richmond Pharmacology – Reaching out to the local community

30/06/14    Richmond Pharmacology reached £100M in cumulative sales in 2013

15/05/14    Incorporating Japanese data sets early; The long-term benefit to bridging strategies

30/04/14    Mayor Yvette Hopley sees benefits of research at Croydon University Hospital site

21/03/14    Local volunteers play valuable role in developing new medicines in Croydon

03/03/14    Richmond Pharmacology presents latest Thorough QT study at the ASCPT 2014 Annual Meeting:

10/01/14    AGAH Annual Meeting 2014 “Mitigating risks in early medicines development”

21/11/13    A volunteer panel the size of a city...

28/02/13    Joint Conference of European Human Pharmacological Societies CLUB PHASE I (France), AGAH (Germany), BAPU (Belgium), AHPPI (UK):

22/11/12    RPL presents further confirmation of the food effect on the QTc interval

07/11/12    Cardiac Safety: Key issues and best practice for Thorough QT Studies and Intensive Phase I QT Studies

01/10/12    Richmond Pharmacology presents ‘Improving Clinical Trial Design’ at the BAPU 4th 2-yearly Symposium 2012

30/08/12    Richmond Pharmacology presents further QT insulin data next month in San Diego!


26/07/12    London 2012 Olympics: British Business Embassy launches today

01/06/12    Richmond Pharmacology�s latest research on the effect of food on the QT interval presented at the 6th European Congress of Pharmacology 2012

09/05/12    DIA 3rd Cardiac Safety Workshop Explores the Future of the TQT Study and Issues surrounding the Conduct and Analysis of TQT studies in Japan

19/03/12    Cardiovascular Safety and State-of-the-art Development Issues 2012: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Medications, QT, Benefit/Risk Assessment, Arrhythmias, Thrombosis, and Cardiotoxicity

15/01/12    QT Assessment in Early Clinical Development - Can the Predictive Value be Enhanced to be Similar to That of a TQT study?

29/11/11    Further data to be presented at The 32nd Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (JSCPT)

08/11/11    Richmond Pharmacology enhances its established GE MUSE platform

24/10/11    AHPPI Winter Meeting 2011

15/09/11    Leading the way in new innovations for Adaptive Design

09/09/11    Richmond Pharmacology welcomes you to attend the ACCP 40th Annual Meeting

23/08/11    The TQT Challenge: Who cares who measures?

16/08/11    Join Richmond Pharamcology at the 2nd DIA Cardiac Safety Workshop in Japan for our TQT Analysis in Japanese and Caucasian Volunteers

04/08/11    Richmond Pharmacology Celebrates 10 Years at the Henley Royal Regatta

16/05/11    10th Annual European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (EACPT)

25/03/11    Cardiovascular Safety in Drug Development: State-of-the-Art Assessments

15/03/11    TQT Levofloxacin Study Uncovers New Results...

07/03/11    Joint Conference of European Human Pharmacology Societies:

09/02/11    112th ASCPT Annual Meeting

11/01/11    5th Annual Cardiovascular Risk Assessment Summit

16/11/10    ?31???????????

15/11/10    Announcement on Japanese Representation Business Agreement between Richmond Pharmacology and ACRONET Corporation

15/10/10    Richmond Pharmacology will be attending the 4th DIA European Cardiac Safety Conference

26/08/10    Don't miss next month's ACCP 39th Annual Meeting!

14/04/10    Richmond Pharmacology’s Volunteer Database Exceeds 100,000 Volunteer Registration Records

01/03/10    Richmond Pharmacology (RPL) will be attending this month’s 22nd Annual DIA EuroMeeting, taking place 8-10 March 2010 in Monaco, Spain.

07/12/09    Richmond Pharmacology is proud to announce that it will be hosting the AHPPI Winter Meeting early next year.

09/04/09    Richmond Pharmacology is the FIRST and ONLY Clinical Research Organisation to become part of the UKCRC Experimental Medicines Resources Network

17/10/08    Richmond Pharmacology Ltd, the 1st Early Phase CRO to receive MHRA Standard and Supplementary Accreditation for 2 hospital based Clinical Trial Centres.

15/07/08    Richmond Pharmacology take part in the MS Society Wheel and Walk: A great Success for all!

08/07/08    Richmond team to take part in the MS Society Wheel & Walk at Windsor Great Park

11/06/08    Richmond Pharmacology's Volunteer Recruitment Database

24/04/08    Improving Safety in Phase I Trials - Planning Your Early Phase Development?

03/03/08    Safety and Risk Management in Translational Medicine

04/02/08    Calling all Clinical Phase I Outsourcing Professionals!

12/12/07    October Newsletter

20/11/07    2nd Cardiac Safety Conference

30/10/07    The reference book you cannot live without.

29/10/07    Community Conscience

11/10/07    2007's most comprehensive QT & Safety Pharmacology Strategy Congress takes place in just under two weeks!

05/07/07    Joint AHPPI and ICR Meeting

15/05/07    May Newsletter

23/01/07    Clinical Trials A Practical Guide to Design, Analysis & Reporting.

29/09/06    The Future of Drug Trials - Interview

31/08/06    1/4 of a million people have applied to take part in a clinical trial with Richmond Pharmacology!

15/08/06    5th Annual Partnerships in Clinical Trials Congress (PCT) and Exhibition

04/07/06    Knowledge Transfer Partnership Sponsored by the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI)

28/04/06    Head of Data Management beats his personal best in the 2006 London Marathon

16/03/06    Statement from Dr. Jorg Taubel

20/12/05    Richmond Pharmacology host ground breaking Early Phase Trials Integration seminar at the Royal Society of Medicine

06/10/05    Evolution in Clinical Trials Seminar - 31st October

25/08/05    Richmond Pharmacology celebrates 5th year in clinical trials!

04/08/05    Mayday University Hospital awarded 3 stars in NHS performance rating

16/06/05    First studies underway at Mayday University Hospital!

03/05/05    Richmond Becomes the UK's First CRO to be Based in 2 Acute NHS Teaching Hospitals

19/04/05    Head of Data Management completes the London Marathon

07/01/05    Additional Holter and Telemetry Equipment Introduced

05/01/05    Richmond Pharmacology visits Japan to expand business

16/12/04    Our new Japanese recruitment team delivers volunteer panels - already!

01/10/04    Our QTc Workshop was a Huge Success!

17/09/04    30,000 volunteers - and counting!

15/09/04    Pulses are racing!

26/08/04    New and Improved Service

11/08/04    Fun day in London for RPL staff!

11/08/04    Doing Business the Japanese Way

20/07/04    Direction on the EU Directive

07/07/04    Cutting edge Finometer equipment introduced

16/06/04    Back for good

07/06/04    We Ran for Fun Through Hyde Park!

07/06/04    Over 7,000 Volunteers Recruited in Q1 This Year!

22/04/04    Direction on the Directive

08/04/04    Richmond Pharmacology exhibits at industry events

08/03/04    Do you have a winning attitude?

12/01/04    Results of Richmond's Festive Season Trial are in!

08/01/04    Our new unit at St George's Hospital is open for business

08/12/03    Doors open on our new unit in Tooting

12/11/03    We're Expanding!

20/10/03    An incredible 17,000 volunteers recruited in just 17 months!

25/08/03    e-CRFs mean speedier reviews

14/08/03    Early Warning - Nurse Call System

21/07/03    Analytical Laboratory's Outstanding Result

01/07/03    Recent praise from our clients

05/05/03    Exceeding Expectations

24/03/03    Studies are now underway

28/02/03    Happy Birthday to Us!

01/11/02    Richmond Article in GCPj

31/10/02    Make no bones about it - did you get one?

07/10/02    Richmond expansion continues

22/02/02    The New Unit in Town

18/02/02    Richmond goes drug free in aid of research

07/01/02    Dr Jorg Taubel MD AFPM joins Richmond

31/08/01    New Central London Phase I unit




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