Cardiac Safety

As the leading specialist in Thorough-QT studies, we know how important the quality of ECG data, speed and regulatory compliance is to our sponsors. It’s no surprise that Richmond Pharmacology’s Cardiac Safety Study Solutions are trusted worldwide.

ECG analysis is very important, yet data capture in the clinic is imperative. We follow the mantra that it costs the same to produce a good quality ECG as it does to produce a poor quality ECG, so our ethos is, get it right at the bedside and the rest falls into place.

Not only do we have the most comprehensive TQT measurement platform available, the design, implementation and analysis of all cardiac safety studies conducted at Richmond Pharmacology are covered by Professor AJ Camm, Dr J Taubel and Dr G Ferber. Their combined experience and hands on involvement in each element of your cardiac safety study ensure your heart rhythm will not skip a beat throughout a study placed with us. Watch our presentation on Cardiac Safety Studies at Richmond Pharmacology

At Richmond Pharmacology we are so confident that we can deliver a successful TQT study we offer a fixed price guarantee. Furthermore our confidence in our experience means that should we fail to show Thorough QT assay sensitivity we will repeat the study at no cost to you.

Reasons why you can truly rely on Richmond Pharmacology to deliver quality cardiac safety solutions:

Our Expertise

You can trust our 100% success rate when planning and carrying out your next cardiac safety study.

We have never conducted a QT study which has shown a false positive result. Not only do we know what to do, we know how to do it and that is proven by 100% of our cardiac safety studies showing assay sensitivity, in other words they just don't go wrong.

Under one roof approach

The quality of our ECGs is renowned to be the best in the industry as certified by the global ECG core laboratory of a top 10 pharmaceutical company.

We are market leaders in delivering dependable cardiac safety solutions with each study, take a look for yourself:

We believe this is owing to our unique under-one-roof approach where the recording of our ECGs is supervised by people who will later read them i.e. the cardiologists.

Make the right choice by selecting the Richmond Pharmacology Team and rest assured that you have chosen Europe’s leading, and the UK’s largest, Early Phase Clinical Research Organization (CRO).

The combination of the MHRA Accreditation and the expert knowledge of conducting 500 Early Phase Studies ensure Richmond Pharmacology can provide you with a service that meets your needs. See Clinical Research Organisation

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