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Paid Clinical Trials

Thorough QT (TQT) Richmond Pharmacology is one of the leading providers of TQT studies. All TQT studies performed at Richmond Pharmacology are in collaboration with Professor Camm, Head of Cardiac and Vascular Sciences, St George's University of London, a world renowned opinion leader in cardiological analysis, providing a one stop solution unique in the field of contract research.


Richmond Pharmacology provide technical expertise for all your QTc study needs from study design, clinical conduct, ECG data management, QTc measurement and analysis, through to the final study report.


There are three essential components to any clinical study assessing the effects on the QT interval:

1) The clinical recording of ECGs

2) The measurement and verification of measurements

3) The statistical analysis of potential effects


Of these three it is essential that the clinical recording of the ECG’s are performed to the highest standard as this provides the foundation for successful completion of the other two components.


Richmond Pharmacology’s innovative approach to the conduct of TQT studies has reduced the variability rates allowing one to reduce the overall costs. In-house expertise and past experience makes Richmond Pharmacology the ideal partner for performing definitive TQT studies, all under one roof.