Bespoke Data Management Solutions

Richmond Pharmacology offers a high-quality Data Management solution that is flexible, efficient and tailored to our clients’ needs.

Matching our clients' needs

Bespoke Data Management Solutions

Richmond Pharmacology’s Data Management Solution recognises the diversity of our clients’ preferred methods of collecting, analysing and reporting clinical data. By listening and understanding these preferences we can adapt our standard processes to meet the needs of our clients.

Highest standards of quality data

We work to the highest clinical standards that guarantee the delivery of quality data in line with set turnaround times and budgets.

We are highly specialised in Adaptive Clinical Trials. Our ‘Under One Roof’ approach ensures the team has a coordinated methodology to provide reliable and accurate data.

Fastest time to database lock

The Data Management team is based in one location guaranteeing the fastest time to database lock by eliminating inefficiencies.

They are on hand to consult throughout the study cycle, managing every aspect from the data handling plan all the way through to data extraction.

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We are an accredited provider

Richmond Pharmacology is an accredited provider of Medidata Rave EDC services and members of the Medidata Partner Program. The accreditation confirms our position as a leading CRO and provider of data solutions that enhance the clinical research process.

The program also acknowledges us as a provider in line with the Medidata product portfolio and ensures we provide the best value for our sponsors.

Our service is comprehensive, spanning from but not limited to the following:

Source workbook design

EDC database build

Data entry

Query management

Medical coding using MedDRA and WHODRUG dictionary

Database lock

Export of final datasets

A standalone service

Richmond Pharmacology is fully capable and experienced to undertake, manage, and retain data management activities as a standalone contract.

Accessibility: We guarantee your data is available and accessible when you need it.

Security and data protection: Your data is protected with advanced eCRF platform and encryption.

Full cycle: Richmond Pharmacology can be your partner in undertaking all clinical data management activities from protocol review to database lock and delivery of statistical outputs.

Our team, our commitment

Our Data Management Solution boasts a highly proficient Clinical Data Management team with a vast experience in the clinical research sector, covering the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and CRO industries.

Our team have academic backgrounds with industry experience in all phases of clinical trials across numerous therapeutic areas. Our expert statisticians are involved in all aspects of a project from protocol and eCRF design to statistical reporting.

Why use Richmond Pharmacology Data Management services?

Richmond Pharmacology has conducted over 500 Early Phase Studies.

Remote global access to live clinical trial data.

Data is aggregated so you can learn from every engagement.

We create a consistent experience in one location.

Richmond Pharmacology will offer to build Rave databases including validation checks as part of full-service clinical trial.

Ability to support eCRF from Phase I to late phase.

Adaptive Early Phase Studies Specalist

Under One Roof Approach

Expert Team based in Central London