Low data variability

Our core ECG laboratory provides a centralised system for all our studies. High precision ECG acquisition in our clinic provides meaningful ECG analysis with a smaller sample size, making us the ideal choice for the integration of cardiac safety in FIH and MAD studies.

We are a leading publisher in cardiology and have publicly accessible credentials. We are proud of our integrity, our professional growth and experience in this field.

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Exceptional ECG generation

We undertake and analyse several cardiological assessments using state-of-the-art equipment to understand and explain abnormal ECG data obtained during a clinical study of a new chemical entity.

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Experts in cardiac safety

Richmond Pharmacology’s Core ECG Laboratory team are based within St George’s Hospital Medical School, London and are made up of highly experienced cardiologists headed by Professor John Camm, a key opinion leader in TQT Trials.

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Located at our London Bridge site, our pharmacy is operated by trained staff supplying quality assured medicines.

The pharmacy has been designed, commissioned and is operated in a highly secure environment in compliance with MHRA best practice and GMP guidelines.

The pharmacy is temperature controlled throughout and is connected to a sophisticated ‘auto-dialler’ alarm system. Richmond Pharmacology has the ability to store IMPs in a wide range of conditions to meet a sponsor’s requirements. Ambient and storage temperatures are continuously monitored, and all temperature data is exported and signed off electronically. Stored temperature logs are available upon request.

The Pharmacy team have unique skill sets from a variety of pharmaceutical fields. We have Registered Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and scientists with extensive experience of IMP preparation and dispensing. Under the supervision of our licensed Qualified Persons, we work closely with our partners ensuring on-time delivery of quality IMPs.

Richmond Pharmacology offers a broad array of services to our partners. Our highly experienced and trained experts can work with you to set up your trial ensuring timely approvals by the regulators.

Our offering includes:

  • Formulation, analytical development and GMP manufacture
  • Set up of global supply chains ensuring on-time delivery at every stage of the clinical trial
  • Receipt, storage, manufacturing, release and distribution capabilities
  • UK Home Office Licensed for storage and dispensing of Controlled Drugs
  • Preparation of study specific Pharmacy Manuals
  • Generation of Randomisation Schedules and Code Break Envelopes
  • Labelling and packaging design capabilities
  • Assembly and repackaging
  • Manufacture of solid and liquid dosage forms
  • Batch QP Certification
  • Importation of IMPs from around the globe
  • IMP reconciliation and destruction or retention.

Our on-site pharmacy is equipped to store, manage and dispense a wide variety of IMPs.

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