Training plays an important role in Richmond Pharmacology’s ongoing staff development. We provide training courses on-site as well as collaborating with a variety of institutions. We also offer training at different levels of qualification and in a wide range of specialist areas.

Key Training Schemes

Entry Level

Health science practitioner

Post Graduate

scientist apprentice scheme

In-house Training

clinical research rotation

Image Training

ultrasound guided

Life Support Training

immediate life support

Specialist Training

advance training medicine

Entry Level Qualification

Health Science Practitioner Apprentice Scheme

Richmond Pharmacology and Capital City College Group have developed an apprenticeship scheme which combines a BTEC Level 2 Healthcare Assistant Practitioner course with on the job training.

Apprentices will have the opportunity to join our Clinical Operations Department. They will learn the skills and behaviours needed in clinical care, research, innovation and more - all core competencies needed to succeed as a Health Science Practitioner. Apprentices will be assessed by an Independent Assessment Organisation (IAO) and End Point Assessor (EPA).

Post Graduate Qualification

Clinical Pharmacology Scientist Apprentice Scheme/MSc

Richmond Pharmacology helped launch the Level 7 Clinical Pharmacology Scientist Integrated MSc apprentice scheme. This three year structured training programme aims to address the shortage of qualified clincial pharmacologists and raise the profile of the career.

Further information on the Clinical Pharmacology Skills Alliance »

post graduate

In-house Training Programmes

Clinical Research Scientist Rotation Scheme

The Clinical Research Scientist (CRS) Rotation Scheme is a three year post graduate training programme.

Life Science Graduates will experience robust hands-on application of clinical research management within a number of key departments at Richmond Pharmacology. There are six compulsory modules within the key departments including clinical project management, clinical operations and data science. Each module has a duration of six months. At the end of the rotation, the CRS will be adequately equipped to occupy management positions within the company or industry-wide.

On Going Life Support Training

Immediate Life Support Course

Richmond Pharmacology’s London Bridge Unit is an accredited Resuscitation Council UK Course Center. We provide small group sessions, for maximum results, to our clinical staff as well as external candidates, in the areas of resuscitation and Immediate Life Support.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have unfortunately had to cancel all our planned dates for the remainder of 2020. We hope to be in a position to restart ILS courses at the beginning of 2021 so please keep an eye on our website for further updates

Watch this video to learn more about our ILS course trainer »

Image Training

Ultrasound Guided Cannulation (UGC)

Richmond Pharmacology deliver the Ultrasound Guided Cannulation course to all its clinical healthcare professionals. This enables staff to fully utilise ultrasound technology to aid venous cannulation of difficult peripheral veins. The course structure is lecture based, with small group practical sessions and assessments.

British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) Level 1 Accreditation

All Research Physicians and Resuscitation Practitioners at Richmond Pharamcology participate in BSE Level 1 accreditation. Level 1 accreditation allows rapid bedside echocardiographic assessment of the acutely unwell patient. It was launched in April 2018 in response to and in anticipation of the Department of Health mandate for 24/7 provision of emergency echo services.

The accreditation process comprises a logbook component of 75 cases collected over a period of 12 months and demonstrating a range of acute pathology, followed by an assessment process which aims to assess technical ability, experience and image interpretation.

image training

Specialist Pharmacology Training

Advanced training in pharmaceutical medicine

The practical training comprises of modules in six fields of pharmaceutical medicine including Medicines Regulation, Clinical Pharmacology, Statistics and Data Management, Clinical Development, Healthcare Marketplace and Drug Safety Surveillance.

Participants will be equipped with specialist knowledge, skills, and competencies to practise to the highest ethical and professional standards. Successful candidates will be accredited pharmaceutical physicians and be competent in the development and maintenance of medicines that benefit patients and the public.

specialist training
training programmes

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