Patient Recruitment

We are recognised across the industry for our fast and efficient recruitment. Our recruitment database is arguably the largest Europe, with over 250,000 registered people. Our extensive metrics and feasibility assessments offer invaluable insight into study acceptability and suitability of the target population.

Our Platform

  • Experienced working model - experts in determining recruitment
  • Accurate timeline and cost predictability
  • Far reaching, therapeutically diverse existing recruitment database
  • Specialised in-house recruitment team with > 10 + years' experience in recruiting subjects of all demographics. Director led with over 10 years hands on experience
  • London location: Unrivalled access to ethnically diverse healthy volunteer and patient populations
  • Hospital based: Partnering with leading specialists for study conduct and patient identification

Benefits of using Richmond Pharmacology

  • Resourceful: We have tried and tested experience coupled with the target populations to fulfil your needs
  • Reliable: Feasibility assessments accurately gauge incidence, study acceptability and suitability of “study” populations based on feedback from “clinical trial primed” patient panels
  • Risk mitigation: Recruitment strategies are assessed throughout the study, reviewed and revised where necessary to avoid timelines or cost extensions
  • Fast and efficient: Recruitment time and accrual rates that can replace multiple Investigator Led sites in multi-centre patient trials
  • Certainty of delivery: Unremitting on-time on-budget recruitment record

Largest in the UK

Richmond Pharmacology is renowned for our recruitment capabilities. We maintain the largest early phase participant database in the UK with over 250,000 registered and pre-qualified volunteers willing to participate in clinical trials. We have pioneered the use of marketing and recruitment methods, our systems and long standing expertise. This allows us to adapt our recruitment efforts to efficiently screen in excess of 500 volunteers in a month to place up to 150 healthy volunteers and patients into the trials ongoing at Richmond.

Up for the challenge

Our extensive metrics and feasibility assessments offer Sponsors invaluable insight into study acceptability and suitability of the target population. This ensures accurate predictions of recruitment time and attrition rates which benefits the overall timeline planning for the trials we run. As a result, we are able to determine the recruitment effort and identify any potential challenges the study may present at an early stage development, thereby allowing time to address these challenges in a manner that will facilitate study conduct without compromising the scientific quality.

Tried and tested

Our dedicated in-house recruitment teams and personal touch ensure that volunteers are engaged from the first contact to the last appointment. Our strategic and efficient management, complemented with the ability to modify standard strategies due to the unique demands of individual trials, allows us to:

  • Gather homogeneous data with statistical significance in reduced sample size
  • Limit participant exposure to what is essential
  • Maintain a high (99%) completion rate for volunteers included in trials we run

Our experts

A scientist by training, Keith has worked in clinical research (academic and commercial) for over 14 years. In his role as Director of Operations at Richmond Pharmacology he is focused on the efficient conduct of all functions within the company.

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With over 20 years' experience, Dr Lorch has been Principal Investigator in more than 120 Early Phase studies at Richmond Pharmacology and Co-Investigator in over 100 further studies. She is a pioneer in adaptive study design.

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Medical practitioner and CEO of Richmond Pharmacology which he co-founded in 2001. He has worked in pharmacology for over 24 years and during that time he has conducted more than 400 early phase studies in patient, paediatric and healthy volunteers.

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Richmond has a database of more than 250,000 healthy and patient volunteers

Richmond’s database grows at an average rate of 1,000- 2,000 registrants per month

25 - The average number of calls received per hour from volunteers looking for clinical trials to take part in