The American Society for Clinical Pharmacology andTherapeutics (ASCPT)’s primary interest is to advance the science and practiceof clinical pharmacology and translational science for the therapeutic benefitof patients and society. ASCPT is the largest scientific and professionalorganization serving the disciplines of clinical pharmacology and translationalscience.

Dr Jorg Taubel will beattending on behalf of Richmond Pharmacology.

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Single-dose gene silencing cure for fatal heart disease comes one step closer

March 20, 2024
Richmond is delighted to be part of the first large-scale in-human trial of a genetic cure for ATTR Amyloidosis
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How Does Social Time Contribute to a Positive Workplace Culture?

March 13, 2023
Read the blog by Richmond Pharmacology’s Chair of the Social Committee and Head of Marketing, Elizabeth Romano about how being social improves organisational culture and embeds the core values.
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ISA Symposium 2024

29-30 May 2024 
We will be attending the XIX International Symposium on Amyloidosis, taking place in Rochester, Minesota
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