We are thrilled to share our participation in the 44th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Clinical Pharmacology. As an organisation deeply committed to advancing clinical pharmacology and fostering the convergence of life, science, and medicine, we eagerly anticipate the insights and collaboration that this event will undoubtedly bring.

Symposium Spotlight - Room 6 - December 15 (Fri) 16:20~17:50

We are honoured to be part of Symposium 31, where our distinguished experts will delve into compelling topics shaping the landscape of clinical trials in the United Kingdom. Join us for an insightful exploration:

First in Human Clinical Trials in the United Kingdom – Past, Present and Future?

Presented by Jorg Taubel, CEO of Richmond, this session promises to offer a comprehensive overview of the historical milestones, current practices, and the exciting future of first-in-human clinical trials in the UK.

Certification of early phase principal investigators’ capabilities: innovative trial designs, advanced therapies, and collaborative working

Led by Ulrike Lorch, Chief Medical Director at Richmond, this presentation will spotlight the innovative trial designs, advanced therapies, and collaborative approaches that define the certification of early-phase principal investigators' capabilities.

We are confident that these sessions will provide valuable insights, fostering dialogue on the forefront of clinical pharmacology and early-phase clinical trials. Our CEO and Chief Medical Director's expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the enriching discussions during this symposium.

Richmond Pharmacology is honoured to be part of this event, and we look forward to engaging with fellow professionals, sharing knowledge, and forging connections.

To find out more https://convention.jtbcom.co.jp/kusuri-kobe2023/44jcpt/summary/index.html 

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