Catherine Rea, Thomas York, Ulrike Lorch, Kate Khair, Luke Pembroke, Jigar Amin

New insights from a prospective study on Glanzmann thrombasthenia (GT) have been published in Blood (2023). Led by Catherine Rea, Thomas York, Ulrike Lorch, and their team, this observational study delves into the bleeding patterns and impacts on quality of life (QOL) in 30 GT patients over 3 months. Using a custom-designed electronic bleed diary, the study reveals the high frequency of bleeds and their substantial socioeconomic impacts. Results detail bleed rates, anatomical locations, associated symptoms, and the burden on daily activities. The findings underscore the urgent need for improved treatments to reduce bleed frequency and enhance QOL for GT patients. This study establishes a direct correlation between bleed events and their profound effects on patients' lives, advocating for advancements in GT care.

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AHA Hypertension Scientific Sessions 2024

5 - 8 September 2024
Dr. Jörg Taubel, CEO of Richmond Pharmacology, will be attending the Hypertension 2024 Scientific Sessions
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