Proud to support Clinical Trials Day - 20th May 2023

The first clinical trial took place in 1747 aboard the HMS Salisbury by the pioneering scientist, James Lind. He aimed to study the affect of citrus fruits on men diagnosed with Scurvy, and found the fruit to be a highly effective treatment for the disease.

Today, over 300,000 clinical trials take place every year. Richmond Pharmacology are proud to be part of the industry providing new treatments to patients, and to date we have contributed over 30 new medicines to the market alongside our sponsors.

The Richmond Pharmacology mission

Founded in 2001 by influential medical professionals, our mission of accelerating drug development timelines to help save the lives of patients today has remained at the heart of the organisation as we continue to pioneer new treatments

Our expert team

We have a highly skilled team of experts operating at all levels of the business, as well as an expert scientific advisory board.

Our fantastic team make our mission possible. We are pleased to be able to take the time today and every day to celebrate our excellent workforce, and how they contribute to improving patient outcomes.

With our strategic partnerships with St Georges University Hospital and other institutions alike, and with our extensive training and progression opportunities available to all staff, we are able to help build the next generation of the Pharmacological workforce

Staff testimonials

Dilshat Djumanov – Director of Data Science

My satisfaction comes from our contribution to clinical research. We are striving to bring hope, because every individual deserves the opportunity to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Lucy Sze – Associate Training and Education Manager

As a Training & Education Manager in the clinical trials industry, my passion is to empower and equip clinical research professionals with the knowledge, skills, and behaviours required to conduct trials of the highest quality. I believe that investing in the professional development of individuals not only enhances the prospects but also contributes to the overall success of clinical trials and, ultimately, the improvement of patient outcomes

Nicholas Ielo – Volunteer Recruitment Marketing Manager

It gives me great satisfaction to be a Volunteer Recruitment Marketing Manager and I feel privileged to be in a position that helps me recruit patients with illnesses to test new medicines that could help people with all kinds of conditions and illnesses around the world. Or just healthy volunteers looking to make some extra cash while paying off their tuition fees

Saqib Mir – Lead Physician Scientist

As a Lead Physician Scientist, my primary objective is to facilitate the advancement of clinical research through the implementation of robust scientific principles that guarantee the safety and efficacy of investigational therapies. Utilising my knowledge in clinical trial design and regulatory compliance, I collaborate with global sponsors to develop cutting-edge clinical trials that possess the potential to introduce transformative medicines to the general public. My enduring enthusiasm for this discipline arises from the recognition that clinical research constitutes a pivotal component of enhancing patient outcomes and revolutionising the field of medicine.

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