Cutting edge Finometer equipment introduced

July 2004


The newest addition to our sophisticated range of technologies is the highly accurate and reliable blood pressure measuring device, the Finometer.Our Research Director, Dr Radivoj Arezina, MD MSc, commented “Our new Finometer compliments our expanding range of highly sophisticated equipment. The device not only allows continuous measurement of blood pressure in a particularly thorough and scientific manner, but also stores information and converts it into a range of user friendly formats to enable accurate analysis of the waveform. The impact this type of technology has on clinical studies is considerable; we now provide rapid, wide ranging and definitive analysis on the effect of drugs on arterial blood pressure.”The instrument includes Beatscope PC-based software and allows almost complete non-invasive characterisation of the arterial circulation and its beat-to-beat variability in pressure and flow. The new device is able to measure systolic, diastolic and true mean arterial pressure, heart rate, interbeat interval, left ventricular ejection time, stroke volume, cardiac output, systemic peripheral resistance and a time-tension index.

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EUFEMED, 3rd Annual Conference, 28-30 April 2021

28-30 April 2021
Dr Jorg Taubel will co-chair a session on day one, which explores how technology has reduced the risks of pandemic effects on Phase I and II trial performance.
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Richmond Pharmacology listed in the Alantra Pharma Fast 50

July 13, 2021
Richmond has been included in a top 50 list of the UK’s fastest-growing, privately-owned pharmaceutical businesses. 
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Richmond Pharmacology listed in the J.P. Morgan Top 200 Female Powered Businesses

June 29, 2021
J.P. Morgan has identified Richmond Pharmacology as a high-growth female-powered business in its annual 'Top 200 Female Powered Businesses' list 2021.
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CRISPR-Cas9 in-vivo gene editing shows reduction in TTR after a single dose

June 29, 2021
Data produced through Intellia Therapeutic’s NTLA-2001 FIH clinical trial, conducted at Richmond Pharmacology, indicates a reduction in the faulty TTR protein after a single infusion. Results were presented by Professor Julian Gillmore at this year’s Peripheral Nerve Society Annual Meeting.
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