The evolution of clinical training pathways

The clinical research profession’s learning environment has changed dramatically – with a shift from less well specified training routes to new forms of development opportunities, for example the the Pharmaceutical Medicine Specialty Training run by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FPM). These new training paths are more flexible, practical and use modular approaches, developing the knowledge needed to practice modern clinical pharmacology and empowering medics to master different therapy areas. Trainees are prepared to work in the realities of a clinical career, research, or drug development. 

Dr Lorch has been personally involved in the development of these new types of clinical training. She is a member of the trailblazer group developing the MSc Apprenticeship for Clinical Pharmacology Scientists within the Clinical Pharmacology Skills Alliance alongside the BPS and ABPI. Ulrike has also inputted into the development of the new FPM PMST specialty training curriculum and assessment.

Benefiting our macro environment

All these changes to pharmacological development bring benefits to the sector and the UK in general. Investing in a specialised workforce is crucial to companies like Richmond Pharmacology. It enables us to conduct the most advanced trials, retaining and developing the skills that bring us an advantage in delivering ground-breaking early phase clinical research. 

Constant change within the science and research environment needs a flexible workforce. It is therefore important to build curricula that are tailored for future ways of working within the sector. 

Read Dr Lorch’s full article in PharmaTimes here

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