Early Warning - Nurse Call System

August 2003

installation of a specialised nurse call system

To further improve our volunteer facility, we have installed a specialised nurse call system in the toilets, lounge, TV room, internet room, dining room so volunteers can press a “panic” button to call a nurse, wherever they are.The calls are monitored by our head nurse from a continually manned station who can locate the volunteer quickly and direct the relevant aide promptly.This makes our clinical facility even safer, since our already quick responses will benefit from this early warning system.

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On Helix, Transforming new medicine discovery

13-14 July 2020
Richmond Pharmacology will be showcasing a presentation on Adaptive Early Phase Clinical Trials as part of the ON HELIX digital event.
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COVID-19 – External Monitoring Guidelines

July 1, 2020
Richmond Pharmacology is constantly assessing health and safety risks posed by COVID-19 and is regularly reviewing Public Health England guidance.
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First transdermal patch to treat schizophrenia hits market

March 18, 2020
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially approved a transdermal patch to treat schizophrenia developed by Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co following successful
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Statement: COVID-19

March 23, 2020
Richmond Pharmacology are continuously risk-assessing our activity in relation to the COVID-19 crisis and we are evaluating what activity can continue, what precautions need to be put in place and what needs to be suspended.
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