The article for PMLiVE and Pharmaceutical Market Europe focuses on the transformations that data management and technology are bringing to the healthcare system, especially clinical research. Improvements in technology reduce errors and increase the immediacy and quality of data and researchers are better able to visualise patterns and trends, granting a real-time assessment of the safety of patients and trajectory of a trial. This aids medical decision-making and ensures more efficient studies.


Other improvements include the incorporation of Real-World Data and AI, which could save time and resources within trials. These advances support improved drug development and treatments being accepted into the market faster, ultimately benefitting patients. Regulators are adapting to these changes too, and are setting updated and clear criteria for the type of evidence they will accept during early-phase clinical research.


Continued advances in data management and data science will ensure that the general population will be able to benefit from new life-saving medications developed and integrated into the market faster and cheaper thanks to advances in data management.


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