We are delighted to announce that Sandra Johnson will join Richmond Pharmacology as its new Director for Commercial Project Management, focused on enhancing the company’s procurement and outsourcing functions.  Sandra joined Richmond Pharmacology in September 2022 from Medicines for Malaria Venture and will work alongside the company’s senior management team and CEO, Dr Jorg Taubel, to improve procurement and outsourcing to further enhance first-in-human and adaptive clinical trials.

Sandra has over 20 years of experience in the life science sector, including at Roche and Novartis, and she has an extensive understanding of clinical procurement. During her time at Medicines for Malaria Venture, she was Director for Outsourcing & Relationship Management. Prior to this, Sandra served as Outsourcing and Procurement Consultant at Minerve Services, and before that as Team Leader Procurement, Global Product Strategy at Roche and Senior CRO Manager at Novartis, where she outsourced clinical research services for Phase I-IV trials and oversaw its strategic outsourcing initiative.

Sandra is currently a member of the Global Health Clinical Consortium and the Pharmaceutical Contracts Management Group (PCMG).

Please join us in welcoming Sandra in our team!

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