Richmond’s brand refresh 

Richmond Pharmacology, a pioneering force in clinical research, proudly announces a brand refresh changing our logo to simply Richmond. This strategic shift reflects the company's transformation from its modest foundation in 2001 into one of the UK’s leading CROs with a reputation for faster, smarter clinical trials that respond to the needs of drug companies to bring life-changing therapies to market with both safety and speed. At the heart of the brand refresh, symbolised by the shortening of the company title to a more familiar Richmond, is a very personal commitment to patients. 

The story so far

Richmond was one of a number of small CROs set up in the UK two decades ago. It became the first to achieve MHRA accreditation in 2008. In 2016 its volunteer recruiting site, Trials4Us, was the largest in the world and it now has a database of 280,000, equivalent to the size of Leicester. It takes drugs from first-in-human trials to proof of concept in under one year. Long-term partnerships with international sponsors have led to the completion of more than 500 early phase studies and it has so far helped to deliver 30 medicines to market including drugs for heart failure, hypertension, cancer, and a treatment based on the Nobel-prize winning genome editing tool CRISPR-Cas9. 

"Our mission has always been to accelerate therapies to market, bridging the gap between hope and answers for patients," said Dr Jorg Taubel, CEO of Richmond. "Our new identity encapsulates our unwavering commitment to speed, precision, and a future where patients can believe in life again."

Faster Answers

A new strapline, Faster Answers, sums up the special character of Richmond’s operation. 

Dr Taubel continued: “Faster Answers signifies speed without compromise - neither to the quality of insight nor the safety of patients. It demands drawing on exceptional scientific knowledge and creative thinking to design sophisticated trial protocols more rapidly than ever before.”

The company's London location and extensive patient database provides immediate access to a diverse community of trial participants, including one of the largest pools of Japanese volunteers. Richmond’s easy access to both healthy volunteers and those with rare diseases is another way in which studies are accelerated, bringing answers to drug companies and life-changing solutions to patients more quickly.

Ready for next chapter

Dr Taubel concluded: "We've spent 22 years perfecting the art of discipline, accuracy, and consistency in the clinical trials business. Every aspect of our trial processes, meticulously executed, contributes to our unwavering commitment to patients' wellbeing. As Richmond embarks on this new chapter, stakeholders and sponsors can expect the same dedication and integrity and we will be working even harder to help find the lifegiving treatments patients hope for.”

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