In a recent interview with MedCity, Dr Ulrike Lorch, Medical Director at Richmond Pharmacology, discussed her new position as Director of Human Pharmacology at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine and the importance of flexible training programmes in ensuring that London and the UK remain globally competitive in clinical research.

Dr Lorch and Richmond Pharmacology has implemented modular training programmes to develop the next generation of clinical pharmacologists, equipped with the capabilities to deliver innovative, adaptive clinical trials safely.

Through her involvement with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, Dr Lorch will be empowered with oversight and ownership over the curriculum that equips medical doctors with the skills and experience to become clinical pharmacologists. This provides an opportunity for her to improve training by setting strategic direction and increasing feedback opportunities for trainees.

A skilled scientific workforce is essential to keeping the UK globally competitive. This can only be achieved by an investment in training - equipping scientists and doctors with the skills needed to investigate the latest innovations. If the UK can continue to demonstrate it is developing and retaining top-level clinical researchers, then it will continue to attract a high volume of ground-breaking studies from international drug developers, which will benefit the local patient population and the economy.

Read Dr Lorch’s full Q&A article in MedCity’s newsletter here.

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