Dilshat Djumanov, Director of Data Science at Richmond Pharmacology explores how GDPR is central to protecting private information. From clinical research to patient monitoring, the collection and sharing of data is key, as outlined by Dilshat Djumanov, Director of Data Science at Richmond Pharmacology. In their PM Live article published today, Djumonov explores how GDPR is central to protecting private information while presenting unique challenges to the pharmaceutical clinical trials industry. The post Brexit control of critical data and the ability to share information adds to the complexity with the UK planning its own reforms under the Data Reform Bill.

These regulatory changes, and other in the various frameworks around the world, are helping the integration of data management tools and realise the potential benefit for both industry and patients of better data-sharing tools. Unlocking the next generation of data sharing, processing and visualisation in clinical trials will be the next great frontier in pharmaceuticals. Medical privacy has been at the core of trial participation for a long time and the clinical research industry is perhaps the most advanced in understanding how to safely handle sensitive personal data.

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