As Richmond Pharmacology approaches its 20th anniversary our co-founder and CEO reflects on the developments, regulatory changes, and innovations within the life science industry in an article in the PharmaTimes. To read the full article, click here

Established in 2001 in partnership with St George’s University of London, Richmond Pharmacology’s aim was to create a structure where practising physicians were actively involved in clinical research. Profits were reinvested into the business or used to fund academic research in underfunded areas - leading to the creation of Richmond Research Institute in 2020.

Two decades later and the landscape of early phase clinical research has changed dramatically. Moving from small molecules whose effects were studied for numerous medical conditions to therapeutics such as mRNA, siRNA, and gene editing which treat specific disease pathways. 

This progressive course of education and regulatory environment must continue if we are to align with the advancements in precision medicine. 

Read Dr Taubel’s full reflection in the PharmaTimes.

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