Low data variability

Our core ECG laboratory provides a centralised system for all our studies. High precision ECG acquisition in our clinic provides meaningful ECG analysis with a smaller sample size, making us the ideal choice for the integration of cardiac safety in FIH and MAD studies.

We are a leading publisher in cardiology and have publicly accessible credentials. We are proud of our integrity, our professional growth and experience in this field.

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Exceptional ECG generation

We undertake and analyse several cardiological assessments using state-of-the-art equipment to understand and explain abnormal ECG data obtained during a clinical study of a new chemical entity.

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Experts in cardiac safety

Richmond Pharmacology’s Core ECG Laboratory team are based within St George’s Hospital Medical School, London and are made up of highly experienced cardiologists headed by Professor John Camm, a key opinion leader in TQT Trials.

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Ensuring The Future Of The Experienced Investigator Is Ingrained In Good Clinical Practice Guidance

January 2024

The ICH Expert Working Group has been revising the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guideline, ICH E6 (GCP) R3.

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Powering STEM Dreams: Snowsfield's Exciting Tour of Richmond Pharmacology

December 2023

Richmond Pharmacology recently welcomed STEM leaders from Snowsfield Primary School, marking a follow-up to our donation of STEM books for their library.

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Characterisation of the Cardiovascular Effects of a Meal: QTcF Assessment and Further Insights into the Physiological Effects

December 2023

Groundbreaking research paper authored by Dr. Georg Ferber, Dr. Dilshat Djumanov, Dr. Ulrike Lorch, Dr. Edward Jackson, Dr. Joao Almeida Melo, Mr. James Rickard, and Dr. Jorg Taubel. 

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Richmond Pharmacology becomes Richmond in Brand Refresh

December 2023

Refreshed brand reflects company’s growth over 22 years and renewed commitment to turning hope into reality for patients.

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Impact of vasodilators on diuretic response in patients with congestive heart failure: a mechanistic trial of cimlanod (BMS-986231)

November 2023

For patients with heart failure and congestion, vasodilation with agents such as cimlanod reduces the response to diuretic agents, which may offset any benefit from acute reductions in cardiac preload and afterload.

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Richmond Pharmacology at the Forefront of Groundbreaking Gene-Editing Clinical Trials

November 2023

Richmond Pharmacology proudly announces its pivotal role in a ground breaking gene-editing clinical trial for heart disease.

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Latest news

Richmond enrols first patients in Verve Therapeutic’s Heart-2 trial - pioneering a new approach to cardiovascular disease

June 27, 2024
Richmond enrols and doses the first patient in a clinical trial aimed at transforming the care of cardiovascular disease with single treatment gene-editing medicines.
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A first of a kind trial in the fight against malaria

June 12, 2024
Richmond successfully recruits and enrols adults of sub-Saharan ancestry who all complete a first of its kind trial in the treatment of malaria.
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AHA Hypertension Scientific Sessions 2024

5 - 8 September 2024
Dr. Jörg Taubel, CEO of Richmond Pharmacology, will be attending the Hypertension 2024 Scientific Sessions
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